Film Incentives


Film making like all other industries is dependant on financing and cost effectiveness. Thailand offers incredible production value with the added attraction of a film incentive.



Thailand has a number of qualities that sets the country apart from the rest of Asia and many other filming locations around the world.

Firstly; its people. The work ethic and professionalism of the indigenous film technicians is exceptional. The stabilising influence of the Monarchy and Buddhist culture makes for a settled and tolerant society. Political uncertainties have caused concern; however, Thailand has remained a premier base for foreign companies.

Secondly, its privileged environment. Thailand has some of the world’s most outstanding forests, rivers, waterfalls, caves, beaches and Islands. Added to this are urban environments that can be used as locations representing various parts of the world and there are established studios in Bangkok.

Thirdly, the infrastructure. Thailand has excellent international travel links, good domestic routes, a good road system, hotels and communications. All this is aided by a welcoming film office that offers an efficient platform of advice, encouragement and support.

And last, the technical expertise. As mentioned before the qualified and experienced crew members in all technical departments of filmmaking (from Art and costume to Camera, lighting and sound) added with equipment suppliers and specialist stunt and effects companies means that everything needed to make world class productions exists in the country.


Thai Film Incentive

Thailand’s Draft 2017 Film Incentive overview